Bulletproof Amsterdam is here for the crazy proud makeup junkies While breaking down unrealistic beauty standards, we are building an inclusive, creative and badass beauty community. 

We see makeup as a creative medium. A way of self-expression. Giving strength and confidence- the most important thing. 

Make up your way. There are no rules, that’s why we won’t create them. 

“Express yourself however you want. We just provide the tools.”

Our core values run through our business operations like the blood that gives life- an essential part of who we are. It’s not a marketing campaign or hype. 

Love for animals will come back by being a true cruelty-free and vegan company.

Love for nature will come back by making conscious and sustainable choices. 

Love for people will come back by being inclusive. 

Bulletproof Amsterdam, 

With love


So fetch!
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It's so fetch... Color stayed on for the whole night. In love
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AMAZING! In love with all the colors, and the glitters! omg
Its a yay for me
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The formula is so smooth and non-sticky. I love it

origin story

November 2016

The idea birthday

The idea of Bulletproof Amsterdam was born! I realised that the perfect makeup company for me did not exist yet. So I decided that I was going to do it. 

November 2016
September 2018

The start of I AM College

I started my four year entrepreneural study at I AM College in Amsterdam. This was going to be the place where Bulletproof Amsterdam was actually going to be born. This was the place where I put all my ideas and dreams to paper. 

September 2018
June 2021

Official Bulletproof Amsterdam birthday

June third 2021 was THE day!  I went to the notary and Bulletproof Amsterdam got official. 

June 2021
Fall 2022

The first launch

OMG! Finally after all those years Bulletproof Amsterdam had her first launch. All my dreams got reality.  

Fall 2022

Bulletproof VALUES

About the founder

Bulletproof Amsterdam is an indie makeup brand based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was founded by Sophie Beerthuijzen in the summer of 2021. 

From a young age, makeup has been Sophie’s favorite way to express her creativity. She was determined to become a makeup artist. While following an all-around hairstylist study she took makeup classes with it. She worked for 3 years in a hair salon and worked some makeup jobs on the side. Rather quickly she stumbled across some issues she didn’t feel comfortable with. Like how makeup for the dark skin was being ignored in her classes, how boys’ and girls’ makeup was still different, and how big companies were lying to their customers about greenwashing for example. She did not want to work for a makeup brand that was not in line with her norms and values. So, she decided at age 16 to start her own makeup company. 

After her hair stylist study, she applied to an entrepreneurial study. This was a study of four years, learning all the tips and tricks for starting a business. Bulletproof Amsterdam was born. It became a real business instead of just a dream. 

Sophie’s norms and values have always been her number one priority. And she always had her ultimate goal in mind. Starting full-time was not easy. She stumbled across bumps daily. People have told her that she dreamed too big. That it was impossible to start a makeup business. Because of my age, because I am a woman, or because I don’t have billions to invest. 

But with her strong determination, working hard, and making concessions now and then, she did it! At the end of 2022, she launched her first makeup line. Completely followed by her norms and values. A company that truly mirrors Sophie herself.  

"Express yourself however you want.
We just provide the tools."

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